Sep 182018

Remalaya: For Artists + Seniors & Differently-abled + Special Needs Individuals.

Remalaya: For Artists + Seniors & Differently-abled + Special Needs Individuals.
Remalaya: For Artists + Seniors & Differently Abled + Special Needs Individuals.
Welcome to Remalaya – the brand new non-profit intended as a supportive entity for Artists, Seniors, Differently-abled and Special Needs individuals.
Why such an organization? As we have been organizing and participating in numerous events in the San Francisco Bay Area, we identified this gaping hole – a lack of participation – both as performing artists, as well as enthusiasts in attendance by seniors, special needs and differently-abled individuals. Remalaya hopes to change that. We hope to influence the larger Bay Area arts community to be aware of the need to be more inclusive of these demographics. Just like awareness about access rights for differently-abled individuals, we hope our plight for inclusion of these groups will be heard, and understood.
What does Remalaya do? Remalaya plans to conduct events regularly where seniors, differently-abled, and special needs individuals will be invited and included. Remalaya also plans to partner with organizations and influence inclusion of these individuals in their events as well (performer/audience member). Remalaya plans to work with senior centers, retirement communities, and other organizations where our targeted groups are well-represented.
What do we need from you? Remalaya would love to have you as part of our team! We need volunteers to plan events, transport groups, setup and execute events, and be our voice. Be the voice of those who are being ignored. Be the leaders of this initiative helping the individuals and their care givers!
Who benefits from this initiative? In one word, it will be the “World!” Seriously, we all benefit from this!
  • You: You feel good about helping be the voice and being part of the support system to:
  • Seniors!
  • Special needs individuals and their families!
  • Differently-abled individuals and their families and friends!
This note is a work in progress. We are sure you will have questions. Please add them as comments, and we hope to answer them and add to this.
Thank you! For being part of our team. Please comment below to get in touch with our leadership team.